3 Steps to Your Next Candle Refill

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We’ve all been there - we pick up a candle from a local shop because we love the glass, container or jar it’s in but when the candle runs out, what do we do with it?

ASH solves the problem with the answer of quick candle refills for pickup in Victoria. The perk of finding beautiful glassware we love is to keep it around by reusing those containers and reducing what’s going into our landfills as waste. Refill a candle in a jar of your choice. We take it from empty jar to a candle you can enjoy again in as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Find a jar at home or find a new one you love at the shop!

Have an old candle at home? Maybe a vintage piece or old mason jar? Bring it with you to the shop!

Step 2: Come on by the shop. 

Drop your candle off. You’ll fill out your name, number, choose a scent and let us know if you want any extras like flower petals in your candle. We’ll refill your candle with soy wax, give it a new wood wick and add essential oils for scent!

Step 3: Pick-up and get ready to enjoy!

All done! Pick up your candle and take it home to enjoy or gift it to a friend to spread the love.

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