About Us

ASH Refillery and Co. started out in a hot tub in Las Vegas during Adriana’s 40th birthday celebration with her two besties, Seth and Healther-Lynn. We’d been friends for years, making our own candles or trying out other DIY recipes, going for afternoons at our favourite craft breweries in Calgary but always stopping in first to low-waste stores. As we were sitting together in that hot tub talking about what comes next for each of us…ASH Refillery came to be. Within five months, we packed up and moved to Victoria in May 2020. In May 2023, Adriana became the sole owner of ASH Refillery and Co. 

We believe that living low-waste should be attainable for all. Our goal is to break down the barriers of sustainability to make it accessible and approachable to those who already know how and those who are just learning. We do this because we care about our impact on others, ourselves, and the planet. 

That impact is rooted in social justice and the wellness of ourselves and those around us. To us, the intentionality behind reducing our waste benefits not just our surroundings but our mental health as well. By continually learning about what we’re using and repurposing, we hope to take you along for the ride - errors and all.

One of the best parts is if we can provide that possibility for anyone else, welcome the opportunity. We welcome all questions, all curiosities and more than anything we enjoy all conversations of how we can reduce our waste - together.