MagicPatch - Natural Itch and Bug Bite Relief Patches
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MagicPatch - Natural Itch and Bug Bite Relief Patches

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This pack of pure magic is a must-have for bug bite relief, mosquito bite relief, and itch relief. Meet the world's first all-natural, non-spray, non-chemical itch relief patches. These patches use Grid-Relief Technology to micro-lift the skin (no chemicals) and drain the lymphatic system of the biochemicals that cause that itching sensation from bug bites.

Our Itch Relief Patches will start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof).

Each packet comes with 27 individual patches (9 pink, 9 blue, 9 tan).

Directions: Simply peel off a sticker from the pack and put it on the bug/insect bite. 

Ingredients: Patent-pending Cellulose patch, interwoven using our Grid-Relief Technology.

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