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These loofahs are made from natural, unbleached loofah, a cucumber like gourd, and are fully compostable. Loofahs are an all-natural renewable resource made by drying alone!

Single Layer Loofah Scrubber
The Single Layer Loofah Scrubber is a flattened loofah with a natural underside which will expand and arch when wet. 

Loofah Soap Life Rounds
Loofah Soap Lift Rounds are another great natural alternative to extend the life of your soap. These rounds allow great airflow for drying your bar and avoid goopy soap residue on the bathtub shelf. When your bar is almost done, squish the soap remnants into the round and use it as an exfoliator where you need it most!

Care + End of Life: To clean, rinse out soap residue then place the damp loofah in the microwave for 20 seconds, submerge in boiling water, soak in white vinegar or toss it in your dishwasher. It works well to have more than one loofah soap dish so they can rotate while the other is getting cleaned. This way your soap bars will never have to sit on the wet shower shelf and it's easier for more frequent cleaning. At the end of life, these loofahs are fully compostable! Cut them into smaller pieces if you'd like, then bury them in your garden or toss in your backyard compost or green bin.

Sustainable + Low-waste items for your home. From cleaning supplies to candles for your home, we've got you covered!

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