Herbal Bath Bombs
Herbal Bath Bombs
Forest Etiquette

Herbal Bath Bombs

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Every bath bomb is made from a base of food grade citric acid + sodium bicarbonate, organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil, organic arrowroot powder, sea salt, and a coconut derived foaming powder (added to prevent those annoying to clean up bath tub oil rings that bath bombs are notorious for), coloured entirely with mineral rich clays + plant powders, & scented entirely with unique to Forest Etiquette essential oil blends.

These bombs are dense, slow fizzing + long lasting, providing natural, scent supported release as you close your eyes & sink deep into the soft embrace of a warm water hug.

Bomb options:

MEADOW: French red + pink clay / oils of clary sage, palmarosa, + rosewood

SUN: French yellow clay / oils of pink grapefruit, fir needle, cedarwood, + vanilla bean

FOREST: French green clay + organic green spirulina / oils of fir needle, cedar leaf + wood, spruce, bergamot, & vetiver

OCEAN: Russian blue clay + organic blue spirulina / oils of lavender, sweet fennel, eucalyptus, camphor, & fir

MOON: Brazilian purple clay / oils of English lavender & cedarwood
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