Bowl Cover - Mini 5" Set of 3
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Bowl Cover - Mini 5" Set of 3

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These fabric bowl covers help reduce the use of plastic wrap and tin foil! They can be used for:

  • Short term fridge food storage (unwaxed)
  • Long term fridge food storage (waxed)
  • Salads and veggies (unwaxed)
  • Fermentation (unwaxed)
  • Keeping bugs off your meal (waxed/unwaxed)
  • Covering bread rolls or buns (waxed/unwaxed)
  • Soaking beans or legumes (unwaxed)
  • Going to a potluck (waxed/unwaxed)
  • Camping (waxed/unwaxed)
  • Leftovers (waxed/unwaxed)
  • Rising dough and baking (unwaxed)
  • Covering a mixer bowl (unwaxed)

Size: Mini 5", unwaxed

Cleaning instructions: Unwaxed covers: Machine wash and dry; Waxed covers: Wash with drop of dish soap and cold water and let dry on drying rack. 

All bowl covers are made with GOTS organic cotton and made in Nakusp, B.C. Waxed bowl covers are made with beeswax.

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