ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)
ASH Refillery and Co.

ASH Seasonal Candles (Holiday)

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ASH Refillery and Co's seasonal candles. These are limited scents that we release for each season: spring, summer, fall, winter. Simple, clean burning, and refillable. 

Comes in a refillable 6oz. amber glass jar with cork top. 

Also available in a limited edition tea light (25ml) 4 pack (winter forest, sugar + spice, better not 'pout, candycane). 

Available holiday scents: 

Winter Forest: essential oils; spruce, fir
Rich, earthy, foresty. Smells like a Christmas tree.

Sugar + Spice: essential oils; cinnamon leaf, ginger, clove
Smells like Christmas baking. Need we say more?

Better Not 'Pout: essential oils; vanilla, clove, orange
Rich and warm for those cozy times by yourself. 

Candycane: essential oils; vanilla, peppermint, spearmint
Nice and minty, with a touch of warm vanilla. 

All candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax, eco wick*, and 100% pure essentials oils. 

*Eco wick: constructed as a flat, coreless wick, ECO Wick improves burn stability and wick curling. The wick is made of cotton and is interwoven with specially treated paper filaments, which reduces the afterglow commonly seen with paper wicks. With self-trimming capabilities, the Eco Wick allows for a decrease in mushrooming and soot. 


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