Upcycled Hair Scrunchie
Upcycled Hair Scrunchie
Hand Stitched in Love

Upcycled Hair Scrunchie

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Eco-friendly, handmade scrunchies made from upcycled materials. All fabric is sourced from secondhand clothing, scraps, or deadstock fabric, effectively diverting textile waste from the landfill. This means that most designs are limited edition only! Made in Canada.


Extra large scrunchies: 7-8" | Same elastics as normal scrunchies but with extra fabric for a fuller, more dramatic look.

Normal scrunchies: 7-8'' elastic | Great for adults and children, will fit twice around most ponytails.

Skinny: 7-8" elastic | Same elastics as normal scrunchies but less fabric for a more minimalist look.

Mini: 4'' elastic | Great for toddlers and children, or adults with thin hair, half-ups and braid ends.

Baby headbands: 12-14" circumference | Fits most babies from newborns to 12 months. Stretchy back makes it easy to put on, and will fit comfortably as baby grows.

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