Stacy Planters
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Stacy Planters

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Never kill a plant again (well okay, maybe we can’t promise that). Their classic self-watering planter comes with a built-in reservoir and drip tray to prevent both root saturation and drying out. Happy plants, happy planet! Each one is a little less plastic in our environment.

Note: Actual planter diameter is slightly larger than the listed size. A standard disposable plant container from your local greenery will fit inside the corresponding size of pot.

At The Rogerie:

  • They use recycled materials from their own backyard (almost all their plastic is sourced from small Canadian suppliers)
  • They use 100% renewable energy (their facility is a net-zero carbon producer)
  • They use waste-free manufacturing technology 
  • They offer full-circle recycling services (done with your item? Bring it back to us and we will send it back to The Rogerie to use again!)
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