Holiday Soaps
Holiday Soaps
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Holiday Soaps

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Our Naughty Pine Bar is fresh, woody and indulgent soap that will scent leave an ordinary bathing experience, feel extraordinary. Formulated with skin-loving oils, this bar is cleansing while restoring natural moisture to the skin, leaving you feeling hydrated and restored. Formulated with Chlorella, additional vitamins and minerals, known to improve overall skin tone, are included in this luscious bar.

Exfoliating, rich and stimulating, our cranberry & mint soap is truly decadent. Enriched with skin-loving oils, butters and coconut milk, this bar is formulated to soothe, refresh and hydrate while it cleanses from head to toe.

Sustainable + Low-waste items for your home. From cleaning supplies to candles for your home, we've got you covered!

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