Hemp & Linen Napkins (Set of 4)
Hemp & Linen Napkins (Set of 4)
Hemp & Linen Napkins (Set of 4)
ASH Refillery and Co.

Hemp & Linen Napkins (Set of 4)

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The Ten and Co. everyday reusable hemp and linen napkins in our original Splatter print!

Available in three complimentary colours and patterns, our reusable napkins are designed for the wear and tear of everyday use. Perfect for any occasion, littles, adults and everyone in between.


+ Made of organic material [ hemp and linen blend ] that is both durable, soft

+ Cuts plastic waste from landfills by replacing traditional paper napkin packaging

+ Fuss-free, these napkins are pre-shrunk and wrinkle-free

+ Washing machine and dryer safe

+ Free of synthetic material, these napkins are fully compostable

+ Designed in Canada, ethically made in India

Sustainable + Low-waste items for your home. From cleaning supplies to candles for your home, we've got you covered!

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