Fold Over Sandwich Bag
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Fold Over Sandwich Bag

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Organic cotton > Plastic.

Goodbye to the days of snacks and sandwhiches in toxic plastic ziplocks. We've created the perfect organic cotton canvas sandwhich bag.

Simply flip the flap back, place your sandwhich (or snacks) into the bag and fold the flap back over, securing the goods. Great for sandwhichs, crackers, trailmix, popcorn, nuts, fruits and veggies.

Measurements: 7.5"Wx8"T with 2.5" fold over flap

Care: Wash cold, lay flat to dry.

A portion of all bag sales is donated to the sustainable nourishment program at Mamas for Mamas to ensure everyone has access to healthy and nourishing foods.
Sustainable + Low-waste items for your home. From cleaning supplies to candles for your home, we've got you covered!

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