Body Rock

Body Rock

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A 100% natural and reusable pumice stone made to buff away dead skin found anywhere on the body.This exfoliating body rock should only be used as needed in problem areas where skin needs help restoring natural tone and texture.

Comes with: Body Rocks x 2 Ergonomically shaped to hug the natural curves of the body; Canvas Bag: A cotton storage bag to keep your body rocks conveniently packed in your travel kit.

Directions for use: Use Weekly. Move the pumice stone in circular motions with light pressure over the skin. For best results, soak your skin in shower before using the exfoliating rock. We also recommend you wet the stone before use. Recommended Areas: Back of arms, tush, legs, feet, or anywhere else skin is experiencing uneven texture.

Made from natural pumice. This rock is formed when lava and water mix together. It's a light-yet-abrasive material used to remove dry, dead skin.

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